Location:Swindon, UK
Ebay ID:kevin-the-gerbil

Started Buggy racing back in 1981 with a Sand Scorcher. Progressed onto a Brat (Frog) then Hotshot (great car!!!). Did Ministox racing from 1988 to 1992 (Became the BRCA Standard Ministox Champion in 1989 & 1990) and then started Eurocup with a F1 Jordan 191, then onto FF-01 and M-chassis classes. Given up Eurocup in 1997 and now do club racing using either a TT-01 or a TA-04 Pro. Started Collecting/restoring about 6years ago when I managed to trace MY OLD Sand Scorcher back to an old School friend!!!!

I wish that Tamiya would go back to making back-yard bashers we all ran and loved.