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Hi, I have been bashing tamiyas since I was about 15.
I started with a xr311, a cheetah, a Sand Scorcher and a long time ago raced AYK 12th scale with Phil Greeno (he is beyond fast) on wooden floors before carpet racing was invented! :O I've had a big gap due to work family etc etc and have just completed a new hummer 58154 and another wrecked hummer which I have restored and converted to a special forces patrol vehicle by cutting off the roof and adding a roll cage, floor pan, M60 on gun mount, seats, dashboard, jerry cans and scale Gunner with crew. I have just finished my latest project, a 12th scale Abram's Main Battle Tank, it's a Scale conversion from a Hailiang No.3088 Abram's now with Fubaba, Tri Pact Speed controller, 380 motors, airsoft, Desert paint, stowage and weathering. Current project a King Hauler conversion to 6x6 2 speed 1:12 M813 Series compatable with the Deuce and a Half Gun Truck, in as ever, Desert Yellow.
Happy trails dinodog!

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