Location:arendal, norway
Ebay ID:tlt-1

Update: I am now at age 33. My first conection with rc was in 87`when I got my first issue of rc CAR ACTION.
My collection is:2x Fav, Re-re Fav, Wild One, 2x Monster Beetle, Blackfoot, Hornet, Striker, orginal Lunchbox in bits, another orginal Lunchbox, Lunchbox re-re, Pumpkin, gr b Toyota Celica, Porsche 959, various TL01 chassis, m01 converted to M02.
Other non tamiya:Dinkie 1:12 Zakspeed Capri,HBX monster, HBX drifer, Kyosho pug 205 1:12. . Project Bugbuddy, Project Flames, New Bright Ford F150 09' bodyed scale project.
My first was a hornet. I have also owned a clod buster-regrett I sold that one.....
In the mid 90s I was a owner of a kyosho pug 405-sold that too....... A few years back I sold a tired T-maxx, glad I got rid of that!! Same with a Protech Nitro Tech 12.... I have found out that I don't like nitro cars-just EP for me!!!
If I think back, I remember I saw a Tamiya for the first time in 87 or 88.
The car/truck was a brat or a mud blaster, but I'm pretty sure it was a brat.
The owner was a brother of a class friend of mine. I tryed to get him to sell it to me but he would't... I have also driven a Striker (not as bad as many will have it to), Bigwig (ugly as hell!!!!!) and a Monster Beetle.

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