Ebay ID:stewart3730

After another break form rc stuff i have thought it was about time to start my showroom i have a couple of new built monster racers, new built hotshot and a couple of runners.

Since joining Tamiya club i have traded with some member's all of them have been great and very nice people here's my list of members i have traded with and would always trade with again.
*Monty(Great body shell painter/decaler)* *Terry.sc* *Jims hobby shop(here and on ebay)* *Europro975(here and ebay)* *purplerob* *proffesorslot * *vintageavante(here and ebay)* *Tamiyarunner* *victor101car(here and ebay)* *Stickerbod* *Muratti* *Tamiyabigstuff* *Beetlelover(great wild one parts)* *Thelegos* *Dante77* *Singapore_959* *swedishwiking* *jayjay* *Steewax* *tamiyoman* *Dazza1* *TWINSET* *EARNHARDT* *TIMECMDR* All the people in the list i have either brought from sold to or swapped items with i hope to continue adding more names to this list as time goes on.
Thanks for looking