Greetings from Singapore, a very small country sitting on the equator.

My first car was a Prosche 956 Rm Mk5 back in 1984. Smashed that up really good. Then came a Frog and then a Road Wizard. Got out of the hobby for a couple of years and then came back into it, running 1/10 and 1/8 on-road gas cars.

Got into collecting old cars when I chance upon a Tamiya TR-15T and never look back since. Right now, I have about 50 cars altogether. Most of it are either new builts or restore and many are runners. I don't have many NIBs as I like to built cars so my kits don't stay NIB for long.

Right now I have quite a good collection of the earlier Kyosho buggies like the optima, ulitma and the gallops etc. I also have a smaller number of the higher end tamiya buggies like the Top Force evo and the avante 2001 etc. I also have 1 Super Champ and 1 Blazing Blazer. I don't have a single SRB (scorcher, rough rider, Ford XLT) which probably makes me one of the very few without one in this club.

I am a big fan also of non-tamiya makes like Kyosho, Marui, Nichimo, AYK, Hirobo etc. You can see examples of these makes in my showroom.

My Tamiyaclub friends...