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Am back into RC cars after 15 years. Started off racing back in the UK with a Sand Scorcher, then moved on to the Kyosho Rocky, Kyosho Optima Mid Custom then onto an Avante 2001 and Schumacher Pro Cat.

Now after 18 years I bought a Gravel Hound for something to do and i've picked up this hobby/illness again but now I mainly have shelf queens:
- Gravel Hound
- Boomerang
- Terra Conqueror
- Top Force (re-release)
- Hotshot 1 (re-release)
- Thundershot (re-release)
- Dark Impact
- Durga
- Optima
- Optima Pro

Still looking to grow my shelf queen collection, which my girlfriend will not be happy about!!!

Looking to still get:

- Tamiya Astute
- Tamia Egress
- Tamiya Avante
- Tamiya Avante 2001
- Kyosho Rocky Turbo
- Kyosho Maxxum

It's so comforting to know that there are so many like minded people out there that share my fascination ;-)

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