Location:Doncaster UK
Ebay ID:rc-martin

Hello all. I've been into Tamiya RC Cars since 1983 when i got a Sand Scorcher for christmas, that car lasted me for a couple of years and then i got a Wild One which also had a couple of years worth of abuse! They then got packaged away into the loft and forgotten about while i was in my twenties until a few years ago when i thought they would look nice repaired and repainted sat on a shelf. But where could i find spare parts for obsolete radio controlled cars? Well, we all know now, and it didn't take me long to find ebay, and that was it.
I now have a growing collection of all the cars i'd admired when i was younger but unable to afford.
I discovered Tamiyaclub in 2002 and promtly signed up, it has been an invaluable tool and is probably the most friendly site on the whole web

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