Location:Dorset, England
Ebay ID:vellenoweth123

Got into the hobby at 12/13 after seeing a sand rover going like crazy compared to my little nikko mini cooper! got a Rough Rider for a present/bribe as we were moving house! Had a Marui Landcruiser shortly after, the blue one where you could mount the 7,2v in the middle (what a great car), raced with some mates (Hornet, wild One, Pegasus, Samurai on an old cycle speedway track). How all of us hated my rough rider then! slow, always falling to bits etc no one ever wanted to use it! I couldnt even give that car away back then, if only i knew! Went away from Hobby for a number of years until the bug bit me again so bought a Baja Champ and a yokomo dog fighter 2, spent some time collecting the buggys i found interesting. Had a clearout of all my buggies and will now just get the ones i always wanted back in the day, plus a couple of others im sure!
Just incase you wonder why i trade so many cars the better half thinks they are all a waste of money and im only allowed to keep 3(ish) at any one time!

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