Have been a Tamiya fan since 1986. Before that I had Kyosho (Pegasus), but sold it and bought a Hotshot with a black motor (sprint). Really loved Hotshot and still do.
Also used to help my local dealer to build cars that he sold, so I have built more than 100 cars.
I have owned more than 30 different models for example Hotshot, The Frog, Fox, Monster Beetle, Toyota Celica Gr. B, Sonic Fighter, Super Sabre, Thunder Shot, Avante, Egress, Astute, Vanquish and Manta Ray. In other words, I spent all my and my parents money on Tamiya cars...;-)

At the moment I´m racing a TRF503.

Still, my favorite car is Avante.
Tamiya is no.1 and will always be.

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