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Hi! I´m a 40-ish old 'boy' who was fortunate enough to grow up in the tamiya 'golden-years' in the early -80. My first car was the Grasshopper followed by a trashed but loved Sand Scorcher, Mugen Bulldog, Marui Big Bear and last the Kyosho Optima with chaindrive. My interest in RC faded as bikes and girls came in to the picture but my Optima and Grasshopper still remained in the closet for the 15 years to come.
A couple of years ago my wife and I moved to another town and the bike had to go because I no longer had an garage to put it in. So, there I was, in an appartment, with nothing to satisfy my need as an mechanic. What is small enough, yet fun enough to work on in a livingroom?
Radiocontrolled model-cars of course! I soon learned that the best way of getting hold of vintage RC is the ebay. My prey was the car that left the biggest impression from my childhood, the awsome Sand Scorcher. At this time you actually could buy one NIB for 1000 $ but I thought it would be less expensive and more fun to buy a car in pieces and put it togheter my self. Silly me....
Now the bike is back as i have moved into a house with a BIG garage. I also have my own displayroom for the collection. It certainly has grown! Tamiyas rereleases is not good news for my economy, but more then ten years after my 'relapse' I still enjoy working on my little cars.*******
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Dante77, Crash Cramer, Oldsterolli, Badboy, Loaded, Crash-Chris and propably a few more I´ve lost the names of. *******