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I have been into R/C kits since I was in school (all those years ago!) but never really started a collection as such. However, in 2003 I decided to rekindle my interest and got into monster trucks (E-Maxx, Savage 25 etc.). However, Tamiya and Kyosho kits are different, and now I am well and truly hooked!

I also collect all Porsche models and memorabilia, especially those related to the 964, 993 and 968 model ranges, since I own a 993RS, 964RS and a 968 Club Sport. Pity Tamiya did not decide to make R/C versions of these excellent cars - the closest is the PIAA Porsche 911, which is is based on the Super Cup car of the late nineties. Of course, the Taisan GT2 is a thing of beauty!

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