Location:Hawkes Bay , New Zealand

greetings :-)
had original hornet in '85 then bigwig when 1st released then stadium blitzer , have been doing the whole vintage/n.i.b. thing for a few years but recently been selling them on and replacing them soley with runners. 5 madbulls and 5 tl-01 rolling chassis , despite both chassis types being labelled 'budget' and (how dare you) 'ugly' these 2 are the ones i've had most fun with......
UPDATE I am now finally living back in the worlds best playground - my beloved , adopted home New Zealand . Our shipping arrived this week (1 oct 2008) so at last my son has been introduced to 'our world !!' We already built 2 Madbulls (see latest pics) and for those who know my 'leanings' towards banger racing the metal has been ordered to continue building cars for crashing but this time bending/denting as opposed to shattering !
Finally 'Hi' to any kiwi Tamiya Clubbers from hawkes bay , might see you around !
thanks for looking ! and long live T.C. !!!!!!!