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I have been collecting Tamiya cars since I was 12, so that makes it 18 years. My first memory of Tamiya cars is standing at the bus stop outside of a hobby store and watching the TV through the window play the Sand Scorcher promo video. I was too young then to get an RC car like that. My next experience and what ultimately started my long term interest was watching a friend of a friend drive his Hornet. From that point I knew I had to have an RC car and only a Tamiya would do. My first car was a Grasshopper. That car was engineered to take the maximum punishment. The RS380 motor was perfect for a beginner. Not to fast that you destroyed the car in the first 5 minutes but, fast enough that you could beat kids with those pre assembled cars that ran of ā€œCā€ Cells. I moved in and out of the hobby over the years. This website has been one of my primary motivators for really getting back into collecting. I found Roby's & Blazing Fraziers sites first and followed the links to here. The rest is history.

I now have had quite a few cars in my current collection but pride of place is my beat up Porsche 959 (original owner). I enjoy the older cars the most and of those my favorites are the Rally Cars and Croup C/GTP kits

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