Ebay ID:homerjhandley

Had a Falcon when i was younger but it ended up in the loft as it needed a few bits that a 13yr old couldnt afford.

13 years later it get brought out, and works perfectly with no problems!

I have a falcon with a different buggy shell and recently bought a Eunos Roadster to go with my Proper one (MX-5).

Also have a Clod Buster (ebay bargain), Tamiya Bush Devil built from ebay parts, Unbuilt Eunos, original Eunos body unpainted and 2 Tamiya falcon Original bodies and decals unpainted.

and a Nitro thunder, needs sorting out as not used for over a year but another ebay bargain for just under £100!

and of January 2013 i have the Clod still, a Battered Bush Devil, Traxxas bandit, waiting for a Dual hunter, and a Tamiya Falcon and Mazda Mx-5 at the parents loft!

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