Location:USA, New Jersey
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I have been involved in some form of RC or Hand Control models since I was 8. That was when my father bought me my first airplane which was a plastic P51 Mustang with a Cox .049 gas engine and was flown with a control handle and two control wires going to the plane. Now that I am recently retired, I have plenty of time for this and several other hobbies. I have a soft spot for off-road vehicles, both nitro and electric and I even have a couple of RC Sail Boats and I also kept several RC nitro and electric boats which I use to race. In my younger days when I was involved with airplanes we didn't race but rather had dogfights. They would tie a 3 foot long paper ribbon to the tail of the plane. Then two people would enter the center of a circle armed with their hand wire control and a plane at the end of the control wires and have at it. The object was to cut the other persons ribbon as short as possible without cutting off his tail section or crashing into him. The one with the longest ribbon at the end of the dogfight wins. Well that type of modeling is ancient history now. I have now reduced my RC and Hand Control airplane collection to just one plane each and that is probably where that part of my hobby will stay. Boat and car racing was a whole other story. For them, you either cranked the rudder so the boat would go in a circle or tied a string to a car, drove a spike into the ground and looped the string over the spike. The one that completed the most laps in a given time limit wins. Simple huh???? You did have RC back then but only if you were fortunate enough to be able to afford it, it was very expensive. RC has sure come a long way since then. My goal is to someday own a Sand Scorcher, Hilux and Bruiser but we will have to wait and see if that ever happens. In the meantime I will just have to be satisified with my Hi-Lift which I just finished. I came upon this site by accident about a year ago and a short while later I became a member. I enjoy visiting this site to view the movies and to see wide diversity of models. I also enjoy seeing how everyone adds their own special little touches to make their models their own. I hope that you enjoy my showroom and movies. Thanks for visiting!!!

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