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Christmas 1985, at the age of 8 years old like most of my school mates all I wanted was a Jet Hopper. How I wished to be just like them waiting 16 hours for my AA batteries to charge for a 30 minute run. As I tore the wrapping the wrap off the large box to my surprise I received a Nikko Frame Buggy. Thats where it all started, for years I thrashed that car until the electrics failed. I always wondered about my neighbours car, shiny gold wheels rear CV boots on the shafts and a mythical technigold motor he would always beat me. Now I know he had The Fox.

Now 25 years on I can't think to remember how many cars i've had, gas & electric. I've grown attached to the Hotshot chassis.

My current current collection consists of Hotshot, Hotshot II, Boomerang, Super Sabre, Supershot, Sand Scorcher, Buggy Champ, Can Am Lola (NIB), 30th Anniversary Porsche RSR 934 (NIB), TRF501X, DF-03 Keen Hawk for thrashing and a custom chassis Hotshot runner, a work in progress of 18 months and counting.

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