Ebay ID:Raleigh-Boy

Hi, to all you Tamiya RC addicts.
I'm quite new to the RC craze. I had a few RC 'toys' when I was a kid, but never anything Tamiya. One of mates had a GrassHopper, that and looking in toy shop windows was about as close as I got to anything decent!
Now in my thirties, and having been hooked on this site, I'm starting to collect the vehicles that I dreamed of owning all those years ago..
I was after my dream vehicle as a child, the mighty Nissan KingCab. Sure enough after a quick search on ebay I found one RTR with a Tecnigold motor that also came with it's kitbox too.
Well that done it, I went mad collecting Tamiya RC!!
I tried to collect the more vintage vehicles, but as you can see from my showroom, I have / had a pretty varied collection.
My favourites are the 3-speeds (Hilux's, Bruiser's,Blazing Blazer's and the Mountaineers) I also like the SRB series of vehicles (Sand Scorchers, Rough Riders and Ford Rangers) And the XC vehicles (the Jeep Wrangler, Pajero, Isuzu Mu,) And just recently I've got interested in the early F1/F2 Pan chassis cars, along with all of the Pan Chassis cars such as the Countach and up to the Renault 5 Turbo.

Now I'm slowly thinning out my collection in favour of just collecting the above pick-ups and cars, so if you see anything you like in my showroom just make me an offer. Or, I'm also willing to swap/trade any of my collection for any of the above mentioned vehicles.

Since I started collecting Tamiya RC, I've made quite a few like-minded friends Rad and Stu (Rad22Rad and S.Williamson) (I knew Stuart before through work, but didn't know that he was also a Tamiya RC collector!!) and I really enjoy trading and chatting with other TamiyaClub members. It's through other members that my collection has grown to be the size it is!
I now arrange my local area TamiyaClub meet-ups, which have become know as 'The Reading Bash' . We've meet up quite a few times now and had a laugh each time! So I'll be arranging them every couple of months or so from now on. I must at this point say a Big Thanks to Allie (petrolhead) for all of his help in arranging the meets and to his father for taking some fantastic pictures! All members are welcome, so just email me if your interested in coming along.
Long Live the TamiyaClub!
Cheers, Duncan.