Location:Netherlands, Sluiskil
Ebay ID:stefan666_nl

I just like them all, Tamiya or no Tamiya

But, my main intrest is with the 1/14 Rigs and 1/16 tanks

If you take a look in my showroom you will not only find Tamiya models,

also some Kyosho, MPX, Robbe , Graupner and 1 or 2 'odd' ones who remain of unknown brand/make.

1/5 1/6 Bigscale's with petrol engines are my new found intrest.

Those FG cars can give a lot of fun & noise & horsepower!

A bit of me behind the models, driving a truck for a living, moving anything around that fits in the pick-up containers.

In the picture you see a Daf 85CF 380hp rig what i drive.

4 axels up front, towing 3 extra behind with me.

You can never have a axel to many right? :)

In the Winamp play list or cd player you will find Metallica, Guns N' Roses,

Iron Maiden, AC&DC, Rammstein, Sabaton and close to forgotten rock heroes like Ozzy Osbourne.

In short.. the music your mother warned you about.

Proud to be a member of...

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