Location:Peterborough, UK

All started with a Holiday buggy and an XR311 found in loft, bought 12 years ago at a boot sale. We now have ten Sand Scorchers, three Blazers, three Hilux, a couple of Bruisers, three rough riders, a couple of Super Champs, some Sand Rovers etc.etc. as you'll see in the showroom - over 60 cars in all (although not all in there yet!) and still hooked. I like the early vintage cars with hard bodies best of all. Love SRB'S and three speeders.
Everything is cleaned and restored close to original without too much highly polished 'bling'. Fantastic hobby but too much work in progress ! finding the time ...............
I've made some great friends here on TC, genuine people with a common interest. It's a great place to buy and sell - and you know they will go to a good home !