Location:USA, California
Ebay ID:tadeusy

I was introduced into the hobby by watching the local club racing in the parking lot of the grocery store where I purchase my food for the week. Shortly after viewing thse races for the first time, I purchsed my first RC kit to build and race (2004 Yokomo CGM), (I still own it by the way). I started racing and haven't stopped since. I race primarily 19T 1/10 TC asphalt, I am fortunate that I live close to the Tamiya USA headquarters, so in order to race at their test facility I had to run a Tamiya car. So I soon purchased my first Tamiya kit, a TRF415 racing chassis. Since that original chassis, I have only raced Tamiya cars and I have upgraded and updated my original TRF415 into the current configuration of a TRF 415MSX MRE.

Since spending time at the Tamiya USA test facility, I was able to make friends with other Tamiya racers and vintage kit collectors, this is how I became a collector of old and new Tamiya kits.

Today I have a tremendous appreciation for the older kits and the people who take the time to restore these kits back to better then original condition. I have since begun my own quest to restore a few of the early vintage kits(58001, 58002, 58005, 58006, 58008, 58009 and a few others that will shortly make my showroom) that I find particularly attractive and along the way I will also build my own NIB collection to supply me with projects for my long-off future retirement.

My Tamiyaclub friends...