I have been collecting Tamiya since 1994, owning a Ford Mondeo BTCC, which is unmodified on the FF01 chassis. The car has been "enjoyed" hence has endured some body damage. It was completed in the suggested colour scheme with the "3" number, but now with a few added dents and scratches.

The final problem with the Mondeo was when my brother drove it at full speed into a six-inch curb! OUCH! This resulted in a crack from the air intake all the way to the front skirt. I plan to buy a new shell and return it to its former glory. A problem occurred the other day however whereas, my front tyre blew out. It may be that the tire was wearing thin, or that it was run over by a Stadium Raider, which also damaged the suspension arm.

My other car is the Mini Cooper Racing. I have owned this for two years and like the Mondeo is great fun to drive… only faster! The car is basically painted in the suggested manner, however with some coach stripes in yellow and “Gates Mini Racing” window stripes. Although not in bad condition, after a rather foolish trip in my nice big newly completed extension floor, a run through a patch of saw dust saw a headfirst spin into an un plastered wall, this tore up the decals which had to be renewed.

The chassis however is in the process of being modified, I am currently constructing a set of metal bull bars for the front and the chassis is ball raced, with a quick release battery clip. Soon to add to the mix, a 34,000 rpm motor, stabiliser kit and a new body shell, to keep nice!

For any more info about my cars vist my website at http://www.gitt.tk and click on the projects tab

More pics comming soon - Have fun racing!

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