Location:Germany, Bayern
Ebay ID:challenger-rt_de
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In 1982 (I was 12 years old) I bought a Ford Ranger 58027 and enjoyed it. Unfortunately the body was damaged by an accident with a tractor! The chassis survived and was repaired by me. The following years I haven't got the time to go on with the hobby. Now I still have not much time because of the job and family, but I want to restore the ranger. I am searching for a new or used Ranger body. In the meantime I got a second srb chassis in good condition. I want to restore it to a Sand Scorcher. Your site is ideal for me to get the informations I need. You do a very good job! Go on! Best regards.
So time went by (nearly two years) since I visited this site the first time. Now (Mai 2008) I nearly completed the Ranger and got a few other cars. I will take some pics and take it in the showroom, step by step.

Update 13.07.2010:
Now - more than two years later I'm fully dived into the hobby. Especially the vintage Tamiya RC's I fell in love with. Many cars went through my hands and some are sold again. But now I have about 50 entries in my showroom already. It's up to date now.

But I'm also very happy, that I have met so many kind TC members all over the world the last two years. And I'm very proud to be associated to them as you can see in the following list.

Now (July 2011) things have changed. I have bought a 1/1 Mercedes SLC :-) Due to this I had to reduce my collection and sold many nib kits. But I'm still in the hobby with my built cars, that I run from time to time.

Update August 2019:
Some things have changed in my family (health-related). The RC Hobby helps me to distract myself from these things and to come to other thoughts. So I'm still in the hobby!

In the meantime I was even able to fulfill my RC dream and get an original nib Black Porsche. I have reduced my collection to the models that are important to me, such as some XLT Rangers or the Toyota Hilux and Blazing Blazer. Maybe in the near future I will put some models in my Showroom from time to time.

to Chris NetsmithUK:
please keep going and keep this great community alive. It offers us a great platform where we present our hobby and see many new ideas from other members. You inspired me to make this update with your last mail.