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I'm pretty new to TC, but I had almost all the Tamiya of-road cars, starting with a Rough Rider, and a Kyosho Scorpion, in the early 1980s (I didnt have them all at once. I had to sell some to buy others, and only had two or three at at time. My favorites are still the FAV/Wild One and the Kyosho Scorpion. I must have purchased and modified six Sand Rover bodies to build different custom Baja bugs, all of which I sold through Stanton Hobbies in Chicago. I even had a couple of tanks. Has anyone seen one of my Wild One/Grasshopper hybrids?

Anyhow, now I'm back and building scale Tamiya cars, enjoying that great Tamiya build experience and having fun seeing how fast each of these chassis designs can be made to go.

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