Location:Cambridge UK
Ebay ID:pentasyllabic

In my past, I had many of the Tamiya classics including the first Countach, the XR311, the Cheetah, two Rough Riders and a Sand Scorcher. I now wish I'd kept all of them.


Current collection:
5 Sand Scorchers, all fully restored and running, 2 mark I and 3 mark II.
Two Baja Kings with Sport Tuned motors and full bearings.
A TB-02 R chassis (from eBay) with EVERY hop-up. I fitted a Nosram Patriot ESC to this and an Orion Revolution 13x2 motor. I use HPI's excellent Porsche 911 Turbo bodies on the TB02.
One very high spec Carson Nitro (Porsche 911 GT3).

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