Location:WhitleyWood, Reading, Berkshire
Ebay ID:windyperson

Hi, i'm Mike an underpaid Reelhand at the Evening Post in Reading. My first rc car was a Blazing Blazer which i got for christmas, you don't know how pleased i was to get one as i used to cycle to Knights on Broad Street on my Grifter just to watch the Tamiya Promo video! I've had a Frog, Hotshot, Bruiser, TL-01, Juggernaut 2, TB-02's plus lots of other non Tamiya cars & trucks. Currently i have a TB-02 (lots of hop-ups). a AE TC4 (my race car), an AE MGT (needs work), & a TXT-1 which i have just got(big plans for it) & i love it! Cheers. Mike