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Got back into collecting in June '02, and have gone ebay mad amassing cars I've wanted since being a kid

Done some good trades with members of the club, one for one swapping is favourite, no worries about values then.Recently started making 'alternative' parts, to date, made new chassis, new bumpers, custom wheels, custom rear axles, and a fair few other bits are filed under R&D ;)

In the recent past, I've had
NIB Rough Rider
2 runner Rough Riders
5 Scorchers
Super Champ
Ford Ranger
Countless other SRB projects including the OESQ

Kyosho Landjump
Kyosho Nitro Quad
Kyosho NIB Electric Quad
Kyosho NIB Nitro Blizzard
Kyosho NIB Nitro Go-Kart
Kyosho NIB Leany over motorbike
Kyosho NIB Electric Blizzard
Kyosho NIB Rock Force

Varicom SilverFox
2 NIB Marui Galaxies
Associated RC10T3
NIB AYK Super Trail 556b
Mardave V12
Nichimo Spirit FF
HPI Savage

Blazing Blazer
Toyota Hilux
Porsche 959
King Blackfoot
Mini Cooper
Ford F-150
Toyota Pre-Runner
Twin Detonator
Blackfoot Extreme
Dyna Storm
Ferrari F-201
Keen Hawk
M-03 Mini
TB-BB Short wheelbase 2WD conversion
TB-01 German Rally Subaru
TB-01 Raybrig 2000 converted into a stadium truck (TB-ST)
TB-01 Arai Scooby, converted into a stadium truck, with carbon fibre shiny bits (TB-KMA)
TB-01 Enzo
TB-02 Xanavi
TB-02 Impreza
BMW 'M' Roadster
Willy Rash modified TLT
Subaru Brat ReRe
Lunchbox Re-Re - Pick-up then Ditch Slappa
Wild Willy II
Thunder Tiger BMW
BMW Mini for the wife
2WD Slash

2 Nylint 1:18 Crawlers
Steershead anti-torque modified TLT
Boyer tube-framed Bullhead
Bullhead/Zilla III
Clod/Gecko - Gravel Rash
Clod/Rage - Anti-Hornet
Clod/Racing chassis
Clod/BTA Gmade tyre test chassis
Clod/Carbon Fibre NN copy
The B3 Clods (including the Eddie)
The Cobra Clods
E-Maxx Crawler
Integy Full Metal Torsion Clod
2.2'' Torsion Cane Clod
TLT - Cobra Chassis
TLT - Orange Beetle shell
TLT - Black RCC shell
TLT - Ugly
TLT - Cobra Droop
Axial DMG Aluminati
Axial TCS Edge (Spiderman)
Axial SWX Project
Axial TCS Eclipse (DCR Donor)
GMade Spider Clod Conversion
GMade Spider truck
GMade R1
GMade Sawback
GMade Komodo

Also, for reviews;
Avante rere
Jeep Wrangler
Street Rover
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint
Holiday Buggy 2010
Losi Mini Crawler with Billet Works Wedge chassis
Losi Micro Crawler with Billet Works Pinch chassis
Losi Micro Trekker
FTX Enrage
Ferrari F1 2012
Fighting Buggy
Kyosho Scorpion rerelease
Neo Scorcher
Unimog 425
VW Amarok
CrossRC PG4L
CrossRC Man 8x8