Location:Germany (Bavaria)
Ebay ID:Seblaser

Hi friend´s!

My first car was a Grasshopper I. I´ll get it on christmas. At this time since today i love to drive and connect tamiya´s.
In germany is the value for connecting old Tamiya´s not so big, and sometimes i think i´m the only. Then i found roby´s site and the world was okay for me!
I´m a collector of mostly buggy´s. My collection is not so big, but i have my most loved cars. All cars are new! So i have a Super Champ, Rough Rider, Grasshopper I, 2 Wild One, Boomerang, Subaru Brat, Frog and in restauration a Blazing Blazer. I´m searching for parts anytime.
Please connect me if u have some parts for BB.

My Tamiyaclub friends...