Hi friends,
I was born in 1967... yes I'm a bit 'vintage', like some Tamiya cars! My grandfather started me in R/C when I was very young (in 1973). He bought a Jerobee 1/12 car with gas engine. I also owned (thanks to my father and mother) many other R/C cars (1/24, 1/16, 1/12, 1/10, 1/8), powered by electric motors and gas engines, made by Kyosho, Imai, Graupner, Robbe, SG Racing Cars, Associated, Spectron, etc., etc. My first Tamiya cars was the 1/10 March 782 BMW.
In 1995 I sold all my used (56) 1/8 off and on road gas cars, and I began the collection of NIB, or New Unused cars, gas engines, and other related stuffs. Now I have many R/C cars, by Tamiya, SG, Associated, Shumacher, etc. I have a big passion for the trucks (monsters, shows, trials, etc.), like the 3-speed family made by Tamiya - (I also own many HiLux/Blazer/Bruiser/Mountaineer trucks, new, unused) - and made by other brands.