One day in the year 1984 when I was 13, my dad came home with 2 big boxes under his arms. It was 2 Hornets for my younger brother, and myself.

We spend some evenings building them, and I still remember the surprise when I tried the car for the first time on the living room carpet :-o This car was surely build for outdoor running :-D

I spend a few years bashing the car. Used up 2 pair of tyres, and broke a few bits. Then it was packed away, and sold a bit later in time.

Ever since I got kids myself I have missed that car, and to make up for my lost love, I have tried to relive those days the best way I could. I bought 3 re-re Hornets. One for each of my boys, and one for myself :-)

Thats what started my refound passion for Tamiya models. Now please take a tour in my showroom, and feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!