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I became a great fan of tamiya when I was 11 (a long time ago...) when I was given a Sand Scorcher R/C car for xmas. I have been a huge fan since then.

I also have three daughters who at various points have had their own RC cars.

I currently (2020) have sold most of my vast collection (50+ cars) and concentrated my buggy running to just the thundershots. This allows me to build up vast stocks of parts for just one chassis type to allow us to use the cars daily with no fear of breakages.

The only cars remaining are my original sand scorcher (had from new in '82 although now heavily modified), an Avante 2001, a Vanquish, a Bush Devil, my custom built thundershot based rock crawler and three running thundershots/terra scorchers plus enough thundershot/terra scorcher spares to build another ten or more.

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