Location:Chapel-en-le-frith high peak derbyshire uk
Ebay ID:trismagic1

Hi am thirty eight years of age and have been into Rc cars for over twenty years .I have had them all at some stage and wish I still had them all now! I used to work for years in model shops around the Manchester area.I have a very good knowledge of almost all the vintage cars Tamiya have ever made. I am a keen VW enthusiast. I am now rebuilding my collection of R/C cars slowly again, reliving my childhood!!! lol
Also very into SKATEBOARDING in the 80s/90s and a big club dj !!!!

My favourite cars are rc10 ,schumacher cat xls ,Kyosho optima series ,mardave meteor ,Marui ninja ,anything Tamiya vintage such as Sand scorcher,Super champ ,Monster beetle ,Clod buster ,Bruiser,Blazer,sand rover ,Avante ,,BLACKFOOT ,Egress,959/ grb Celica ..........
Generally anything interesting and rc related
I also have a passion for all the cars I used to race or always wanted and will be trying to collect as many as I can within reason.
I will be looking out for lots of resto projects and would love to meet other collectors in my area. Have been watching the old Tamiya videos recently and they send me back and make me want to go out and buy them all again. Am married with two kids so have a wife who is always keeping a close eye on what I bid on e bay. I am always looking out for vintage models to restore.
thanks Tris

I'VE HAD GOOD DEALINGS WITH ,monty,Mikef350, L-U-K-E, SGT BARNES, taffy, Di joe, scaletamiya, BASSGURU, jailan, thelegos, Andersop, misterclyde, twisty, classic rc fan, cossack, madmax, 1proteus1, Hobbymaster, Gr2fltp, RENKEN2000, speedsecret, ukzz4iroc, buggyman, HELLOMOTO, DUNKMAN, kawazx9, monstermadness, sorry if I've left anyone out!!!!