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Fasinated by all aspects of RC, have been for years. started off in helicopters when everybody thought they couldnt be flown! mid 70's then had rc aircraft followedby a Rough rider then a scorcher followed by a super champ, shortly after that the shumacker CAT became an overnight star so i followed and raced it competitively for some years. Still flying today, i like larger models, recently built 1/3 scale Pitts special Biplane and a 1/4 scale Taylorcraft, currently on the building board is a 1/10 scale 4 engined B17G, i also keep up on the Helicopter scene currently have a Raptor 60, i love my flying and always will, but i do like rc cars.

Now recently i have also enjoyed restoring the SRB's, this club is great for keeping up to date, i have found many other like minded people. i have also restarted making SRB alloy addons, EXHAUSTS, MIRRORS LIGHTS and F150 ROLLBARS etc some of those bits i made back in 1982 83 and 84

Just recently took 2009 out to work at the the1/6 offroad Nationals, i am so pleased to have taken the title, British National Champion. sadly i am unable to continue this year, but still, i really enjoyed it.

To contact me for Exhaust details = mikesmailbox5@talktalk.net

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