Location:Newbury, Berkshire
Ebay ID:Benfd

Currently have a part finished Sand Scorcher, original Grasshopper, Grass Hopper 2 and an original Vanessa's Lunchbox when it turns up. Only been collecting for 2 months.

Loved the cars as a kid but couldn't afford any, so had to make do with the £4 catalogue! Always fancied a Midnight Pumpkin or a Lunchbox, so now realised a child-long dream.

My mate persuaded me to get a Sand Scorcher about 2 months ago. It is mechanically complete but the plan is to replace the electricals with new issue stuff as I plan to use it! After getting the bug again, I have since added the Grasshopper and Lunchbox. A Grasshopper 2 turned up yesterday but is going to get used for parts.

That's it for now, but knowing me I will end up getting a few more!

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