Location:Ballarat, Australia
Ebay ID:tecman1

My introduction to Tamiya was at age 10 in 1985 when I moved to a new suburb and my schoolmates were getting what seem massive, fast and expensive cars. First the Hornet, then the Fox and Hotshot. Being a relatively poor child I received a Taiyo Jethopper. In 1992 at age 17 I had enough cash to walk into my LHS and purchase a Manta Ray. What a slow dog. Then going through Uni and working I brought a few more cars, and finally in 2006 after spotting the re-re Frog and TC, I became an avid enthusiast, purchasing and restoring vintage and modern Tamiyas. In 2008, I reduced my collection to just a few cars, as less is often more. Outside TC, my work as an engineer keeps me busy, and with young kids, it's busy squared.

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