Ebay ID:sibrk

I got into RC when I was around 11 or 12 when I got my first car, a Tamiya Lancia Rally Car or Subaru Brat (dont know which one it was as I bought it second hand and it had both shells) which after a while I converted into a Frog as the chassis was almost identical. I then progressed through many other Tamiya cars and the odd Mardave (meteor)and Schumacher (Cat). All of these cars were either sold, scrapped or are stripped for parts. I really wish that I had kept them all now!! I can still picture the big box of bits that I had lying around at my parents house that has probably been thrown away by now, I must see if its still in the loft!!

I am a huge F1 and Mclaren fan as you may guess from the cars that I have.

I have met some great people here on TC over the past few years. I hope you enjoy the pics I have posted. Sorry for the NIB pics, I will get round to building them sometime and then I can post some pictures of the finished article rather than a box!!!!

18.08.2011 - just started to update my showroom after I made a promise to get things up to date. Hope you enjoy the latest additions - mainly F1's but some more stuff to follow.