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Hi, I am yet another forty something playing with toy cars, I’ve been involved in model car racing since 1978 when we raced Holiday Buggies, Cheetahs and XR311s at a local school. I still have my Cheetah although it’s in many bits at the moment.

My aim was to collect all the cars I once owned (this I have now achieved), as I was a racer most with the exception of only a few will be race-derived models. As I am particularly fond of 2WD I have collected some models that I have not previously owned such as a Super Astute, RC10s and a Dyna Storm. There are still more cars I would like to own as funds and availability allow (isn’t that always the way :-))

I aim in the not too distant future to update my showroom with better quality photos but initially I wanted to make sure I had captured the cars before any restoration work had started.

Just to clarify my show room models and classifications.

If a model appears in my showroom I actually have the model in my possession, it won’t have been sold, traded or chopped up to make another model unless specified otherwise. I have many “as it was” entries which are no longer in existence, these entries are kept for posterity and reference.

I try to be brutally honest about the condition of my models, I describe them as if they are for sale (none of them are unless specified) so new built is exactly that, restored to new built will have all new moving parts and all parts showing any form of wear what so ever replaced with new.

*****Very important, please note that I am sorry but I do not respond to messages through Tamiya Club from parties who are not registered*****

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