Thanks to 'Toykid' and 'cardesigner' who invited me to join this club. Actually they have been asking me to join for looong time.. as few of you might know I appeared sometimes in cardesigner's showroom as 'Ryu'. I'm a big fan of anything that has two words: 'toy' and 'car'.
Here's bit of my RC history. I only know Tamiya RC. Not familiar with Kyoshos, or others, so I become fool when talking about non-tamiyas..
I was a little boy in Osaka, Japan, looking at Tamiya catalogs every night dreaming of having R/C. When my 8th birthday came, I was finally able to get my first Tamiya RC in my life, 1/24 Tamtech Ferarri Testarossa. This amazing red compact R/C car never got me tired..until it had mechanical problem which I, fool, couldn't even fix..
Then my all time life loving yellow monster van came to join my collection when I turned to 9. The Lunchbox. After almost 20 years, I still run this exact one. As you can tell it has enormous amount of memories from Japan till present in California. After Lunchbox, I have owned several Tamiyas. Among them some are still in my hands, others are gone unfortunately. As a kid I was always running RCs every Sunday with my dad. That didn't last so much. By the time I went to highschool, my RCs were covered with dust in the closet. I was so positive that they won't run again like before. I was wrong! After about 10 years, I had chance to meet so many guys who were big time RC car fanatics. Not to mention, 'cardesigner' was one of the guy. Actually we went to same college. Now he's my co-worker -> lunch time RC buddy -> Sunday beach run buddy.
Once this another guy was sitting almost next to my cubicle at work, we hardly talked until he told me how he was crazy about RC cars and let me see his showroom in the Tamiyaclub. 'toykid' was that another guy who blew me away with his unbelievable collection!
Here we are. Now my RC cars are out from longest sleep in the closet. Time to dust out, take them to beach.. or parking lot at work!

Sorry this introduction is long, but I couldn't stop writting. This is just fraction of what I wanted to say.

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