My name is Steve and I have been involved with this great hobby since 1987. My first Tamiya RC car was The Fox and I although it had it's design flaws I loved that car. I spent a couple of years backyard bashing and parking lot racing and then discovered you could race RC cars on a proper track. The Tamiya's in those days where no match for the purpose built Associated buggies and trucks and I decided to get rid of all Tamiya and concentrate on competition only. I raced at top level for a number of years and won many races and championships. Starting a Tamiya collection was triggered when I found a brand new set of gold Fox wheels and tyres when moving house a few years ago. I thought it would be fun to find the parts on ebay and build my first car again. After completing the Fox I wanted to collect all the cars I used to own. After this it got a bit out of control and I collected more cars. I hope you enjoy my showroom, feel free to leave a comment.