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Ok so i am Mad about Military stuff and Amphibious vehicles, I have made/converted several,well i have to you see, as what i want is usually not available as a kit!
But i have to admit, I do love the fact that i own one of a kind models, and when people ask where they can buy one of my one off models, i have to say, well from me i suppose, but usually i ain't selling, cos this one is the only one in the world!
I got a lot of offers for my supa cat when i took it to the Bovington tank museum model expo, and a lot of people took pics so they could make one, but i can honestly say that mine is the original.

I have had boats been there done that, if your not near water your stuck, flying stuff? well yep it's great fun, but if you crash?? well i ain't rich enough to go smashing up my models, with cars and tanks, well they are great fun and i love em, but an amphib!! thats different, pretty much no matter where you are you can use it, and i love to go splashing in the water, it makes the onlookers think iv'e crashed by mistake, then watch there faces as they see it go happily paddling away.
I mostly try to convert ready done models due to time , but i also have to do a lot of one of a kind scratch builds too, and even when a model is finished, i may walk past it and think, well it would look better if............ and so my models are constantly changing as i add this or that, if you have any questions, i am happy to answer them, Cheers For Looking.

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