Well it all started in the eighties, my early teens, when for a birthday I was given a second-hand Sand Rover. Unfortunately it had suffered like so many other Sand Rover and Holiday Buggys, with the front suspension mounts being broken, so was forever trying to stick them back using washers and super glue. Alas I no longer have this buggy as sold it for £20ish to an old school friend a long time ago.

Although I loved my Sand Rover, I always remember looking at Wild Willy's in the local Beatties shop (Woodley, nr Reading). My brother told me they were rubbish as they kept falling over, so never did get one. That is until a few years ago when I bought a Wild Willy 2. Although I now have quite a few WW's, I haven't driven any - they are all 'Attic Kings'* - so unsure if what my brother told me is true or not.

*With young children I daren't have any 'Shelf Queens' - all my cars are kept in the attic - though at least I can look at them in my showroom :-)