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As a kid I only liked cars and found my way into the hobby transforming static models to RC versions with my skilled father in the early 70ies...

Our first project was the 1/8 scale Porsche Martini Turbo from Eidaigrip. My dad had bought the static version and reproduced the major chassis parts from brass and aluminum. We added RC components to drive the car.

In 2006 Tamiya's 30ies anniversary Porsche RSR 934 kicked me back into the basement and I started to restore and collect vintage RC models. I have 3 objectives when I start / customize a model: Scale Realism, Durability and Function.

I am a Steve McQueen fan - especially of the racer in him. One of my projects - the Porsche 908/03 - is dedicated to him (also he only drove the 908/02 in Sebring and the 917 in LeMans).