Location:United States
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I have been in the RC hobby, on and off, for about 15 years. My first car was a Tamiya Grasshopper. Then I bought a Tamiya Blackfoot, Hotshot etc. Eventually I got into racing with an Associated RC-10. However, when I turned 16, little cars no longer interested me. My new hobby was 1:1 cars. This lasted for about 10 yrs. Then I noticed the T-maxx and I got hooked on RC cars again. Now, 3 years later I have gone from only a few cars to over 250 cars. (a mixture of tamiya, marui, kyosho, nichimo, nikko etc) Plus, I have a collection of canned heat cars (about 50)

Currently my interests are in the older Tamya cars. I'm very impressed by the detail and authenticity of these little cars.
Well, thats all so far.

PLEASE NOTE: None of my cars are for sale.

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