Location:Zurich, Switzerland

Hi, my name is Daniel born ‘70. So, don’t tell me how old I am! But same as many of you I got back into this fascinating and fantastic world of Tamiya again.
Specially in the RC 30th anniversary year 2006, when I started to build a smaller collection of my favourite cars. So, basically I’m after the vintage RC Off Road Cars issued early 80’s by Tamiya . And “thanks to internet” this could be real!
To say, as a teenager the first car I bought was the Blazing Blazer when it came out. And after hours and days of watching the Tamiya Promo-videos in our store there was no question about having a next one: that’s been the Super Champ. And with a few friends we were able to have some more at that time.
Now, I like to restore, drive the cars and put them into scene, make pictures and videos, which is not so easy here in Switzerland in sense of finding the right spot…lucky you living near some beach! That’s why I also like to surf this page to see your cool stuff and to share. My age? Whatever it is, I’m pretty convinced “Toys they’re not!”, Tamiya is right…..
TamOR – Tamiya Off Roader