Location:New Zealand
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I got into rc cars back in 1986, when I received a Boomerang for Christmas. I joined the local RC car club and have been an active member ever since. I have owned/raced many different brands of car but Tamiya is still my favourite. I have been collecting old RC cars since early 2002 when I stumbled across ebay and of course 'tamiyaclub' which I have been viewing on a daily basis since its early beginnings. My initial plan was to collect only the cars that were raced at our local track when I first started racing. I have since moved the goal posts and am now collecting all the offroad cars up to 58087 (manta ray). I'm not sure where my addiction will stop but I can see myself going for the first 100 cars in the future. I have meet some awesome people in my time as a collector - here is a list of the members I have traded with (at least the ones that I can remember) : acprc, Beetlelover, BeetleRacer69, Black Boy, Bluefoot, BORMAC, buc605, Crash Cramer, CSHElectrical, Dante77, Davecat, europro975, Evoman, FKhanro, f2g78, jacolouw, JEROEN206, jims hobby shop, jonny_bravo, lemansrc.com, Mad Zero, m0torhed, muratti, netsmithUK, Onetenth, Primenumber, professorslot, RA1028, Racing Master, rcgrabbag, Renco5012, RENKEN 2000, RETRO R/C, ronkkk-hk, Scoot, Scorpn, Singapore_959, Stefan, stulec52, victor101car, vintageavante, Voltar, VTECBOOST, Waikato, wilton55, wonder.