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Ok, so i'm now 37 eek!, i started my love affair with Tamiya models back in 1980 i think it was, when i first saw a fully built model of the XR311.
That was it i had to have one, it looked so real and purposefull not like the glaringly plastic bright red chevy blazer that i owned.
About 18months later my mum met my step dad who (guess what) was into RC models, and had built an XR311 which he gave me for my next birthday :)

Since then we built up a fair collection of models:including Countach LP500S Competition Special, Ligier JS9 Matra CS, Subaru Brat which was my first scratch build out of the box.

I ended up getting in to different things (read Girls) and that was that.
Just recently i saw a video clip by Moosey and Volksrod at wales on the beach with a couple of sand scorchers, well that brought it all back.
*edit* i've now got about 3 or 4 sand scorchers all in different stages of build along with 4 XC/CC-01 custom shell trail trucks, a Hilux vintage 3 speed, 2 MO3 mini's, a TL-01 baja bug of doom, a TT-01 scoobie, 3 Stadium Thunders, a Futaba FXT, and a few other projects, etc.*edit*
The list seems to be growing ;)

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