Location:Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Ebay ID:richard_longhurst

Currently I am 19 yrs old, and I have always been interested in the RC hobby, however i always ended up gettin those childish Niko or Tyco for xmas and birthdays as much fun as they are.

So now i have a bit of cash i have decided to buy my own cars and my first was a Rover mini copper racing, its such a beaut (see the pics).

Then i added a Beark Hawk and Grasshopper 2, then i got a bargain on another mini cooper via ebay which is my bash about one.

From there i have carried on building my collection, i now have a humvee, blackfoot, monster beetle, grasshopper 1 and a thundershot.

Id love to start racing but where i live in Watford, Herts there is nowhere.

Please look at my cars as im very proud of them, and anyfeedback, possitive or negative is welcome, as well as hints and even ideas on how to improve them mechanically and cosmetically. cheers


It has come to my attention that i like the older cars far more than the new ones. I think this is because the bodies aren't as detailed, I mean i like the feel and look of the hard bodies much more. Also they have a sense of being that much more personally valuable

Also the simple designs are great. It is now my aim to collect at least from 1-5 of tamiyas 1st cars, then who knows what after!

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