Location:Calgary, Canada
Ebay ID:stulec52

As if anyone reads these........ ok well I am 45, live in Canada ,having moved here from Scotland late 2002, and I am 6 foot 5 tall.

Raced 'toy' cars for over 25 years, highlights being Scottish Champion in 1995, and in 2003 became Alberta Stock Touring Champ ( with my EVO3), then became Western Canadian Indoor Champion 2004/05 for Touring Modified and 19 turn, and am 4 in a row World Of Wheels champ too !

I still race, although not as much these days, and with kids getting to the age where they can drive cars I suspect I'll be taking at least one to the club rather than me get much track time, in fact number 2 child is 7 now and has done some racing at our track with his Tamiya M03. Although he prefers driving trucks.

I am lucky to have a great local hobby superstore, PM Hobbycraft, here in Calgary, they are not only a huge help in my racing, but many of the staff members are big Tamiya fans and really know their stuff.

My collection of oldies includes all the Special Racing Buggies, which was where I started in 1982 with a Sand Scorcher, and lots of things I raced back in the day,with particular focus on Schumacher as I was a team driver back in the 90s. I have about 40 cars in my collection these days