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I got into first contact with Tamiya cars in 1988 with a small catalogue. Saw the Super Shot and instantly loved it. But - with two brothers - this kit never made it under the christmas tree, although it would have had very good company (Hot Shot I and Porsche 959 for my brothers).

Somehow, I lost interest in Tamiya cars some years later when they introduced on road kits. Did no one want these cool buggys any more?! Ok, several kits were still nice to look at -- like the VW Beetle, the Alpine A 110, the Mini Cooper, the Abarth, or the Honda S 800.

But this year it turned all around. I was having too much spare time, surfed the bay, did not know what to look for, remembered cool Tamiya car's name, and found one.

This was the beginning of the end -- addicted!

More is yet to come ...

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