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Hi to all out there,
i got infected by the tamiya virus about 20 years ago. after some frustrating
experience with a kyosho toyota hilux ( these cars with the nobbed tires where you were able to inflate air by an airbubble-pump), because of the tires ran always flat, i got a Wild Willy M38. i loved it right from the start and i still have it and will be restored to nice runner condition. my second tamiya the was a Audi Quattro Rally. nice car as well but somehow the plastic chassis broke several times, mainly aorund the area of the roll bar mountings. after some years i lost interest in these cars and i even throw the Audi out !!! ( if i knew at that time about the value of those cars..... a shame!!) after about 15 years of tamiya free time i made a `comeback`with a Mini Coopper Monte Carlo based on the M-01 chassis. I loved to build and drive that little car and i kept it. together with some mates we had some of those classical racecars to have fun with. time changed, started to work, not really time for nursing my cars anymore.....but then after i moved to kopenhagen/danmark, where i am still living, the tamiya virus infected me the 3rd time. while having been on a childleave for 3 month i started to search for spares for the Mini Cooper as well as for the Wild Willy. what i saw and found was amazing. i had no idea that there are so many enthusiasts around and all the cars from my childhood are still alive and available. :-) the prices go crazy but it`s great fun again! check the results in my showroom. will be updated soon....
with subaru brats, lancia rally, frogs, sand scorcher, rough rider, lunchbox, FAV, Wild Willys .... i still enjoy building and driving those little cars. they are charming, are nicely detailed and it`s the perfect balance to stressfull working days. stay tuned.

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