Location:Durham, UK
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UPDATE: Here I am again in 2021, gone but not forgotten are:

Big Wig, Grasshoppers 1 and 2, Twin Detonator, Clodbuster, Monster Beetle, Buggy Champ, SRB, Mini Cooper, Falcon, Fox, Manta Ray, P34 Six Wheeler.

In the current stable:

Clodbuster original, F350, F350 project, Thunder Dragon, Super Storm Dragon on Thundershot chassis, Fire Dragon chassis project, Lunchbox, Super Clodbuster project.

Back in 2007: Long time Tamiya fan, as a kid in the 80s I had a bashed up 2nd hand Grasshopper. Recently just bought and built a reissued Lunch Box, my first proper Tamiya really :)

Hoping to branch out further and get a reissue Frog but would also like to track down a Thunder Dragon (ugly to some but I loved it) to do restore as that was the car I always wanted. Half tempted by an F350 the videos of them on this site are stunning.

TC Trades: I've done successful traders with Taffer so far.

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